Just surviving …

I’ve decided to just get through this week and then get back into training the dogs next week.  While there was a time I worked 40 hours a week, I haven’t done that now for almost four months.  It’s amazing how out of shape you can get if you let yourself go!  Now that I’ve learned to live on less, I’m hoping that I can manage to work three-quarters time when I do go back.

This week, the dogs will get their exercise, but I’m not going to worry about training time.

Yesterday at Walmart was a bit tough.  I spent about four hours in Lawn and Garden, which used to be a treat, but now it’s not so nice.  The folks in L&G sort of march to their own drummer.  They tend to go on breaks when it suits them and come back much later than they should.  This screws up the schedule in the front.  The last time I was in L&G, the cashier managers thought I had flown the coop.  So, they are watching the L&G folks much more carefully and the tension could be felt when I was back there.

I only spent about fifteen minutes on a front register when I had to go to lunch.  Then when I got back, they asked if I wouldn’t mind watching the door for the rest of my shift.

Oh, was that boring (BORING!) and standing in one place kills the body.  I am so sore this morning.  Given the shift I am working today, I should be on a decent register (meaning one that stays pretty busy), but it will be a late night.  I’m three days on, one day off, then three days one.  That really isn’t a bad schedule, but I am not used to spending so much time on my feet.  Also, while at Walmart, you are pretty much “on” constantly.  There’s no relaxing or slacking off there.

Given my lack of people skills, I’m really surprised that I’ve adapted to working at Walmart as well as I have.  I guess you just do what you have to do.

I forgot to mention that I got my cold frame going on Sunday.  If all goes well, I should have lettuce sprouting by this time next week.  It has been perfect weather for starting vegetables.  I’ve checked out a lot of seeds and seed starters while at Walmart.  Soon I’ll get myself one of those seed starters and get that going.  There are some vegetables that I want to plant this year that are not readily available as seedlings.  I’ll need to calculate out the cost of starting seeds vs. buying seedlings.  While it may seem like it costs less to start your own seeds, I’m not so sure it is all that cost effective.

I just can’t wait for my lettuce!  I had a chicken Caesar salad last night and oh was it good!  I grilled the chicken breasts before I went to work yesterday so all I needed to do was to assemble the salad when I got home for work.  I love salads.

A few weeks ago I bought several boxes of Kashi bars for quick breakfasts and snacks.  Last week I had a message on my answering machine saying the peanut butter Kashi bars had been recalled so I brought them back yesterday.  I thought I bought them at Bi-lo, but it was WalMart.  While at Bi-lo trying to return them, I discovered the trail mix and honey almond flavors have also been recalled.  I didn’t know anything about that.  Geez, here I have been eating these things when there’s a recall on them!  You can bet on my day off this week I will be making quick breakfast and treat items from scratch.

I feel sure there will come a time when there will be a major (devastating) problem in the United State’s food supply and I need to do all I can do to prepare for that.