I wish I had slept all day yesterday …

I wanted to, I really did, just like I want to stay in bed all day today, but I can’t.  I’m tired, dead, dog tired.  I do which I had taken it a little bit easy yesterday, but stuff just needs to get done.

We re-set the ElectroNet.  It’s so much easier doing it with two people, especially when the second person is tall with big hands (Wally).  I have a hard time holding an entire roll of ElectroNet in my hands and Wally’s added height makes it easier to string out the net as you walk.  As Wally strung it out, I straightened it out and then set the poles.  Wally has some difficulty binding over, I do not.

After we finished that and got the sheep up into the ElectroNet, we went back to the house with the intention of cleaning out the third dog run (which we had used to keep Luna and her babies up in for about 36 hours) and the duck pen.  We decided to leave the third dog run alone because Penny is going to be having her babies in a week or so and we’ll put her up for the first 36 hours.  So on to the duck pen.

The duck pen is a four-foot-tall, 10 x 10 chain link dog run.  We decided to flip the run up on its side so we could get in there and clean it out.  That should have been an easy task except that I had forgotten that I had stashed all but the kitchen sink on top of it making it too heavy to lift.  So we had to take everything off it in order to flip it over.  Before we started with the duck pen, we looked at a small dog kennel that was in there as well.  This one is 4 x 4 I think.  I was using it for some of the chickens to go up in.  We decided to take that out of there and put in in the fenced-in area to put the goat kids up in at night.  Because she is nursing two babies, Luna is not giving much milk.  The milk is there, I can feel it, she just won’t let it down for me.  The plan all along has been to put the kids up at night, milk the mothers in the AM and let them have the babies all day.  I feel this is much kinder on all involved than to take the babies completely away from the doe.  I will take one of a twin set away and in this case, it will be Luna’s buck kid, but not both of them.  While she may initially look for the buck kid, she’ll be okay as long as she’s got the one kid.  Does are worth more than bucks so it will be does that I keep.

So, we took that 4 x 4 run out of there and set it up in the fenced-in area completely with attaching a solid roof to it.  I put the kids up last night and it worked like I expected.  I got a good amount of milk out of Luna this morning (although she was very fussy so I cut milking short).  I left plenty for her kids who survived the night just fine.

Once we got the top of the duck pen cleaned off, we cleaned out the soiled straw and hauled that down into my garden.  I also did a bit of weeding and working up the soil.  I need to get my peas in shortly.  My cold frame is doing well.  I have lots of lettuce sprouting.

While I had the wagon attached to the ATV, we went down by where my agility equipment is and brought up a small round bale of hay that had been down there since the late summer.  We got it up on the wagon and put it in the fenced-in area for the sheep and goats.  I’m not sure they’ll eat much of it, but it needed to be moved from where it was.  We also filled up the two hay feeders with square bales of hay.  Those feeders are working wonderfully.  Wally had cut down a large cedar tree that was interfering with the gate to the back pasture and we hauled that up there for the goats and sheep to consume.  Cedar is a natural wormer.

Around 3:30 a man came up from Charlotte and bought almost four gallons of milk from me to feed to his Pit Bull puppies.  We visited with him for a while, then he headed back to Charlotte.

By then I was exhausted so we picked up our tools and called it a night (except of course having to go down to get the sheep and putting the rest of the animals up).  Except for getting up around 5 to take the dogs out to pee, I slept in until 7:30 which is highly unusual for me.  I don’t sleep in.  Of course, 7:30 is really not late.

So, on the agenda today is to do a bit of housework and some grocery shopping.  I might see if I can get out to work my dogs today, but that just may not happen.  I only work two days this week which will be wonderful.  I want to get back to bread making.  I was hoping the man wouldn’t come to get the milk yesterday as I wanted to make some cheese, but oh well.  My ducks and chickens are laying well but I am going to need to catch the ducks and clip their wings.  Yesterday afternoon several of them flew over the fence of the duck pasture down into the pond and as soon as the rest of them could escape via the door, they headed down there as well and spent the night down there.  I’ll eventually loose all of them to predators if that continues.

Finally, I have to laugh at some of the comments I receive to my posts.  Some are good comments (those get posted), but others are just laughable.  Some are from “fake” people (do you think I don’t know who you are?).  I simply cannot understand why anyone feels that they need to leave comments as a fake person.  Nor can I understand why anyone has to be outright vicious in what they say.  Life is too damned bloody short to waste time being evil.

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  1. It sounds like you had a very full, yet tiring day yesterday.

    It’s too bad some people have to make bad comments. Those kind of comments don’t accomplish anything.

  2. No, those comments don’t accomplish anything other than to let me know that the individuals care enough to continue to read what I write. If I was not a concern to them, they wouldn’t read, would they? Glad I’m so important.

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