School is always in session …

Over the next couple of days, Gel is going to get lessons in appropriate use of his teeth.  I went down to give the sheep water and they drifted out of the ElectroNet.  I had the other dogs with me and it was a good lesson in lying down and not going after the sheep.  I let the sheep drift out to graze while I took the dogs for a run.  We were gone longer than I intended and when I came back, the sheep were up in the area near Red’s house where the grass is always so green.  I should just set my ElectroNet up there and maybe we will, but that’s a topic for another time.

I put up the “Three Stooges” (Cian, Kessie and Fern) and took Gel to bring the sheep back down the hill and out to the ElectroNet.  All was going well until he started pushing too hard on Dreadlock.  She kept turning on him and initially he behaved himself.  I turned my back on him and when I turned around again, he was hanging off her wool.  Shithead!  I ignored my command to get out of that and continued at her.  G-r-r-r-r-r-r-r that dog sometimes!

I have a perfect exercise for him to learn to walk in straight and use his presence to move stock rather than his teeth.  When they are out, Rain and Dawn like to cling to me (a very irritating habit) and I frequently ask Gel to walk up and back them off me.  We were doing it this morning actually.  They are really, really, really hard to back off and he’s quite prone to flying in and gripping.  He isn’t always appropriate in his grips either.  Whenever he went in to grip this morning, I growled at him.  We’ll be doing more of that over the next couple of days.  All I need is for him to do that in a trial.  Chances are, the sheep we are going to see in trials in this area are very going to challenge him, but you never know.

I did get most of the house cleaned and rabbits cleaned and ground (yea! cat food!).  Soon I’ll go and take a shower and wait for Wally to pick me up to go to Tractor Supply.  We’ll also need to take a trip to Lowes to get a couple of heavy-duty rugs to put down in front of both the cat door and the back porch door and that’s where these dogs are going to start coming in and when it’s muddy or wet outside, they are going to go right into crates until they dry off.  I’m bloody sick of muddy dog AND CAT prints all over the house.  I wonder how people live with multiple animals in their house.  Are they constantly cleaning or do they not care about muddy prints?