Tazz (formerly Scorch)

I heard from the woman who has Tazz (formerly Scorch). She said Tazz is almost finished her first obedience course and has been excellent. She is holding off on starting her official agility lessons until the spring but she has been doing lots here at home. Tazz is very confident on all contact equipment including the teeter and has no problem with tunnels or chutes. They will be working on weaves over the winter. They think Tazz is part mountain goat, she loves climbing up on things – stools, furniture, backs of the furniture. Tazz loves the snow and the outdoors. She sent me these two photos. She looks so much like Midge! I’m glad she’s happy with her and is serious about competing in agility with her.

I was kicking myself for not bringing either my camcorder or my camera with me on our walk this AM. Fern loves running through tall grass. At the point where we are almost finished with our walk, there’s a patch of tall grass. Fern started running through it, 100 mph (or as close to that as a puppy can run). Monty tried to keep up with her, but she was too quick. They ran and ran. Later on today I’m going to go back down there with my camcorder and hope that they’ll do it again so I can record it. If nothing else, I’ll get some recent photos of both Fern and Monty and will upload them later today.