The best laid plans …

I got off work at 1:00 yesterday, did a few errands, then came home and did a few things around the house.  When Wally got off work we went to visit with his mother and then stopped by a house we’ve driven by numerous times that had a goats for sale sign out.

They were Pygmy goats and in very good shape.  She wanted $40 for the does and $35 for the one billy.  That was a bit high and we tried to talk her down, but only got to $35 if we bought five of them.  I’m not sure that’s worth it.  We need to get a reasonably priced Pygmy goat to butcher and see how much meat we get off it.  I’m thinking the bone to meat ratio on a smaller goat is going to result in more meat to bone, but you still are not going to get much meat off a 40 pound (live weight) goat.  I think we are going to need to wait until after Easter for the prices to come down before we can find reasonably priced goats.

When we got home we walked down to the back to get the sheep with Kessie and Fern.  It went okay, but not great.  Fern worked well, Kessie was a running fool.  When we got up to the house I put Fern up and just worked Kessie.  Again, it was okay, but not great.  After I put the sheep up I decided that I’m going to leave Cian and Kessie off sheep until the lambs are a bit older, the grass is more available and things in general settle down.  This flock is simply inappropriate to work inexperienced dogs on.  I’ll keep using Fern when I have to, but in general, she’ll stay off them too.  This means Gel needs to step up to the plate and stay there.  Hear me Gel?

Wally and I were going to go down in the back pasture early this morning and reset the ElectroNet before I had to go to work.  We drove to the corner store and got a cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich, came back and I milked and got the chickens and ducks settled.  It had been raining the whole time, not a heavy rain, but steady enough that we’d be soaked if we were out in it for more than a few minutes.  I looked at Wally and asked if maybe we were being a bit too ambitious thinking we were going to get that fence set before I had to get ready for work and he agreed.  So we came back inside, I made yogurt with the milk I got this morning and have been answering e-mail and catching up on some on-line reading.  Soon I’ll have to go and get ready for work. The sheep will have to stay up today.  They are not going to die from it.

It’s supposed to rain all day today and into tomorrow and possibly change to snow Sunday night.  Right now they are calling for up to five inches of snow.  That ought to be neat, if we get it.  They are talking about AM snow showers on Monday.  Hopefully that won’t cancel my agility class.

I called Marcus last night to check on Esme (she’s doing well) and because I had a barter proposition for him.  Anyway, I asked him if he’d be willing to bring in two more loads of dirt to fill in holes in my agility field.  He has the equipment to do this work and it wouldn’t be a difficult job for him.  I feel that hauling in two loads of dirt and spreading it would be worth what he still owes me for the puppy.  He agreed to do the work and I asked him when he might be able to do it.  He said possibly the end of next week.  I could get dirt hauled in and spread it on my own, but that would be a momentous task, something I’m not quite up to.  We’ll see how that goes.

I still feel a bit guilty about asking Marcus for money for this puppy, but I know he’s extraordinarily happy with her, even though she’s the result of a father/daughter breeding, she’s from good bloodlines, both of her parents are solid working dogs, I shouldn’t feel guilty about it.  It’s best, I think, to ask at least some amount of money for an animal before placing it.  Giving animals way tends to make them more disposable to some people.  When I first quoted the price to Marcus, he didn’t hesitate at all about paying it.  When he came to get her, I told him that he could get me a .22 rifle as payment.  I no longer have a need for a rifle and told him that so we were back to monetary payment.  I think having him do the dirt hauling and leveling (which is his day job) would work out well for all concerned.

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  1. I remember you talking about what a PITA hauling stuff for your agility field was. It would be really nice if Marcus will get this done for you. It will really make training with your dogs so much easier.

  2. Yes, it is a pain and I feel better bartering for Esme rather than taking money. Money is so impersonal, no?

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