I made a reference over a month ago about cleaning out my house so that I would have the option of getting a roommate down the road.  Well, I have one: Wally needed a place to stay and I had a spare bedroom.  He’s been here for over a month now.  If you’re sharp and have been reading between the lines, you likely would have already known this.

While some people may not believe this, Wally and I have been nothing more than goat/sheep/dog buddies for over three years now and it’s nothing more than that now. In the grand scheme of things (I say that a lot) I don’t really care what people think. I do not know what will happen in the future and I’m not worried about that.  Why should I?  I truly have no control over the future (or the past).  The only thing I can work with is right now.  It’s up to Wally to work out the issues he has with his life, I can’t do that for him.  Whatever he does is perfectly fine with me and he has a place to stay for as long as he needs it.  I am greatly enjoying his company and his contribution towards my goal of becoming self-sustaining.

Anyway, this cleans up my writing a bit.  I mean, why else would he be out moving sheep with me at 5:30 in the morning.

Right now, I think we had better build an ark.  It’s been raining cats and dogs for hours now.  I went out to milk and I was very glad to have my Frog Togs and muck boots on because if I didn’t, I would have been drenched.  Gel was drenched.

I left the gate to the fenced-in area open while I milked because I needed to haul some hay in after I finished.  Of course, it was like the flood gates had opened and all the sheep went out and headed down in the back pastures.  Once I had the goats up and hay feeders filled, I sent Gel for them and he almost had to swim through a few puddles to get down in there.

Agh, it’s nasty out there, but we need the rain.  Unfortunately, this weather is likely to cancel our agility lesson tomorrow.  Hopefully she can reschedule it for Tuesday as I was really looking forward to going.  I think agility will do wonders for all three dogs (Gel, Fern and Kessie) and who knows, maybe even Cian.

I haven’t done anything on the Kess Challenge yet.  On Friday Wally and I were busy after we both got out of work and I worked eight hours yesterday and we had a lot to do getting the animals settled in the weather.  Today we plan to stay in as much as we can.  We rented the three Lord of the Rings movies (Wally has not seen them) and we hope to be able to stay holed up for most of the day watching them.  The only errand we have to run is to meet a computer repairman in Hickory to drop off one of my lap tops.  My roof leaked a while back and that lap top happened to be in the vicinity of the leak.  I didn’t think it got wet, but when I tried to boot it up on Friday with the intent to start doing my taxes, it said it didn’t have a hard drive.  Lovely.  I had lightening damage a few years back to a lap top and this man did a wonderful job retrieving my data and software off the damaged lap top.  Hopefully he can get the data off this one as having to recreate my accounts and re-enter data will suck.  Luckily the lap top is insured.

Anyway, I will do some shaping work with Fern and Kessie today.  The Three Stooges are up in their crates drying off.  Glad I had the foresight to get some marrow bones for them to chew on today.

Off to throw some breakfast together.

Until later …

2 Replies to “Roommate”

  1. I was thinking something was up, and not because Wally was moving sheep with you at the crack of dawn, but because Kess was there on a regular basis, and I didn’t think Wally would just let her stay all the time for no reason.

    It’s good to have people around, and having a roomate that can pitch in around the house and grounds is a bonus. If your friendship is holding strong through the inevitable struggles that pop up when living in the same house, then the situation is good for both of you. I hope whatever he needs to work out gets resolved in the best manner possible, and in the meantime, enjoy the rewards that come from the situation.

  2. Yes, you are right, Wally thinks the world of Kessie. Yes, it is a struggle to change enough to learn to live with someone when you’ve lived alone for so long. I do think everything will work out just fine, only because Wally and I have been friends for so long.

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