Cooking is good for the soul.  I should be cleaning, but instead I got two quiches made up, a double batch of banana bread and a pot of chili.  Next on the agenda is some homemade corn bread to go with the chili.  I realized this morning that I’ve been subconsciously going through the food that’s in my freezer and pantry and using that up rather than going to the store for ingredients.  I think that’s a good thing.  I know part of the reason I am doing this is because I don’t care to go out today.  I have two loads of wash to put on the line and the shells from a couple of dozen eggs to feed to the chickens.  Yes, I went through at least two dozen eggs this morning.  I used up all I had.  I picked up ten eggs from the chickens and ducks yesterday.  Time to start using them up.  And yes, I hang out clothes when it’s below freezing outside.  They may not dry all the way, but all I’ll have to do is run them through the drier for a short period of time to finish the drying process.  It saves money doing this.  Plus, sheets off the line have the most wonderful aroma.

Back to cooking: I made a Mexican-style quiche using eggs, salsa, black beans and Kraft Mexican five-cheese blend.  The other was simply eggs, cheddar cheese and bacon (left over from the weekend).  Both will make for quick and easy breakfasts or lunches.  I might package up half of each of the quiches, some chili and one banana bread and have Wally drop them at his mother’s house tomorrow morning.  The news said that some people may not have their power back on until 11 PM tomorrow.  Hopefully Wally’s mother will not have to wait that long.  They have gas logs which are keeping their house warm and are on Town water so they have water, but it’s hard to live without electricity when you are used to it.

My cheese is coming out differently.  It has a softer, creamery texture.  It tastes the same.  I wonder if the texture is not different because I’m using the milk from a doe who just freshened (Luna) rather than one who’s been milking for close to a year now (Rain).  I milked Penny this morning as well as Rain and Luna and it was wonderful!  I love Penny’s udder.  It’s like silk.  I made some yogurt from their milk a few days ago and had some for breakfast.  It’s good!!!  I’ll make some more tomorrow.

Off to make some cornbread to go with the chili.