Crunch, chirp, crunch, chirp

It was an interesting mix of sounds as I brought the sheep down to the ElectroNet this morning.  I elected to walk down rather than drive the ATV.  The hooves of the sheep made loud crunching noises as they moved through the fields.  This is not a sound I hear very much; but in addition to the crunching, I heard a lot of birds singing, many of which are birds I associate with spring and summer.  I might have been hearing things, but I think I might have heard some faint chirping from frogs.  I’m sure we’ll hear lots of frogs this weekend.  The temperature is supposed to go up to the 70’s over the weekend.  Maybe I broke the last ice on water buckets this morning?

Unfortunately, the wagon that I pull behind my ATV may have gasped its last breath this morning.  I hooked it up, filled up the 20 gallon water barrel, strapped it into the wagon and headed down to the sheep.  I was going slow, but it tipped over.  Shoot!  Looked back and saw one of the wheels had fallen off.  Every time it tips over (which is quite frequent) it bends the attachment to the ATV.  Luckily it bends back relatively easily, but this time, it may be permanently damaged.  Hopefully Wally can fix it.  This wagon is being used for much more than it was intended for.  In the future, I need to invest in a heavier-duty wagon.

I had to walk the entire line of ElectroNet before I turned it on to shake the ice off it.  I was hoping it would work okay and was very glad to find that it did.  When I brought the water down (I had to pour half of the water off in order to get it up on the back of the ATV [that ATV is worth its weight in gold]) I tested the fence and it was working properly which was a good thing as I didn’t want to have to haul the sheep back home.

Until later …