Oh it’s beautiful outside!!!

I just got through milking, bringing the sheep down back, taking the dogs for a quick run, feeding them and hanging out a load of clothes.

It’s almost too pretty outside to be inside cleaning, but …

I think I need to borrow a street cleaner to get to these floors.  Agh!

When Wally gets out of work we are going to go and look at some billy goats that I saw advertised in a local free paper for $25 each.  There is two LaManchas and one miniature and they are about two years old so they should have some reasonable size on them.  My freezer is almost empty.

Today is Day One of better dog management.  I got up at 5:30, got dressed and took them for a walk then put the the Three Stooges up in a run.  I would have brought them back in the house, but they were covered in mud by the time I got back.  Once I got in, I got coffee started and processed rabbits for the cats.  As I said above, they’ve already had a good run, been offered food (it was rabbit and only Kessie ate so I guess the others are going to go hungry) and now they are up in separate runs.  I have feelers out to see about getting one more dog run.  If we can do it, we’ll put the new run over by my storage building and use that for ATV storage and milking.  It would be better to have my milking area closer to where the grain is and the goats are housed.  Then we’ll have separate runs for each dog which is where I want to be.  On the high priority list this week is getting a cover on Gel’s run.  His is the only one without rain protection and of course it’s a mud pit right now.

Until later …