It amazes me that I can be away from agility for six months or more and Gel (and now Fern) can go to a class and we can keep up with people who have been training consistently.  Sure, we fumbled around and made mistakes, but so did everyone else.

Fern amazed me the most.  I’ve done virtually no agility training with her yet we can now run little sequences.  She loves the contact obstacles, especially the A-frame.  Is she ever fast!  That little beast would be an awesome agility dog if I’d just train her.

Kessie disappointed me.  She wouldn’t take her eyes off the sheep while we were there.  Being interested in the sheep is to be expected, but I was not in the picture.  I can see I’ll have my work cut out for me.

Both Gel and Fern were more than willing to do what I asked of them even with sheep less than 20 feet away.  Gel’s mind was a bit off because there was a female in heat on the premises, but he worked very well for me the whole time.