Training Notes

I just got in from working Kessie and Fern.

Earlier this morning, I hauled my “fencing” tools in the wagon down to the back pasture and at the same time, brought the sheep, goats, Rose, Gel, Fern and Kessie down with me.  While she was focused on the sheep, Kessie stopped in front of the ATV and I accidentally bumped her with it.  She’s fine and crazy dog, if she was behind the sheep where she should have been instead of trying to head them, she wouldn’t have been in front of the ATV.

I can be quite dangerous with that ATV, but as I said, she’s fine.

I worked Kessie first (to make up for running her over with the ATV) and I was very pleased with how she worked.  The sheep had free access to the back pasture for at least four hours so their bellies were pretty full and they moved off her relatively easily and I was able to get some real training done with her.  It was nice to see Kessie shine and I know she was thrilled as could be to work.

Then it was Fern’s turn.  I didn’t work her all that long because I noticed that Dreadlock’s wool was splitting away from her body from her backbone.  I grabbed her and pulled on it and discovered it would come off in big chunks.  I had a pair of scissors on my ATV so I got them and started cutting the wool away from her body, but got a bit too close at the top of her shoulder blades.  I think the skin was already thin and irritated there so it didn’t take much to cut her.  When Wally gets home we’ll have to get some wound powder on her.  She was extremely cooperative throughout the whole process.  I put her head between my legs to hold her in place while I cut and pulled the wool off her.  It was nasty!  That poor sheep.  Now she looks more like a Barbado and less like a sheep trying to look like Bob Marley.  I’m sure she feels a lot better.

After I finished with that I used Fern and Gel to put the sheep up in the ElectroNet and headed back home.  They’ll get some work later today when we have to load the two sheep we are taking to be slaughtered.

You may wonder what’s up with Cian.  I’ve decided, for the time being, to just let him be a dog.  Whenever sheep are involved, he’s put up.  Otherwise, he’s out with the other dogs and in the house with us at night.  Maybe, in time, he’ll come around.  If not, then he’ll just be a dog.