Fern turned on to ducks!

This morning when I was filling up the ducks’ tub with buckets of water I carried out from the house (it was too cold to get water from the hose outside), Fern expressed an interest in going into the duck pen so I let her. She flanked around them several times, not quite balancing them to me, but responding to my movement. The more she moved around the ducks, the more intent she became on her task. My heart sang when she got turned around the ducks and then got into the classic Border Collie stalk as she moved up to them. Yea! I wish I had my camera with me. I’m going to try to get photos tomorrow morning.

Did I mention it’s cold? Freezing! At 11:30 AM it is still just 28 degrees. It’s on mornings like this that I am glad I brought along my “Yankee coat”: a long down coat with a hood. It is very warm. Then again, even though it is cold here, it is nothing like it is in Massachusetts this time of year where, in Boston right now, it’s 10 degrees but feels like -5. Both Gel and Fern were invigorated by the cold on our walk this morning.