Training notes

Agility went well, even though I was a little bit late.  I felt like Gel and I were running more as a team.  That’s a good thing given that his mind is on other things.  Rose is in heat.  He’s working well around her, but I can tell he’s not altogether there.  It’s almost time to go down and get the sheep.  Every time I get up, he gets up too and walks towards the door.  I’m not sure what that’s about.  It could be a couple of different things.  My landlord is down at the pond; or he could be waiting to get down there to Rose.  The interesting thing is, he isn’t as interested in Rose as he is in marking around where she is.  That could be because she’s not quite in standing heat, but I’m not so sure about that.  I think that when he’s around the stock, he knows there’s a job to be done.  Anyway, I’m thinking when I go down to get the sheep, I might just take Fern.  This is for a couple of different reasons: I want Gel to be sharp as a tack when I ask him to work so it doesn’t hurt to use another dog when he’s so interested in going down there and I need to make sure I am not relying on Gel to do the work because it’s just easier than using a green dog.  I need a back-up dog.  I considered taking Kessie down, but Kessie is still not looking at me as part of the picture and that’s something I need to work on.  As I wrote earlier, Cian is put up for now.

When I got home from agility I worked some in the garden that’s off the back of the house.  It was pretty hot out there so I didn’t spend a lot of time.  I manually tilled up a section at the front of the garden so I could get my peas planted.  The cattle panels that I intend to put around the garden were bowed so I put weights on them to straighten them and will put them up in the morning and then get the peas planted.  I have several bales of straw to put down on top of the garden to keep the moisture in.  I had to move a Russian Sage plant from the garden behind the house and decided to put it in the main garden.  When I dug the hole to transplant it, I was amazed at how moist the soil was under all the mulch.

Back to agility. After Gel’s class was through I took Fern out and ran her through a couple of the sequences.  She did okay.  If I were to focus on training her I might be able to run both Gel and Fern in the Masters class.  Of course Fern wouldn’t be able to run the full course, but I could do some of the sequences with her.  It amazes me how well Fern does given how little training she’s received.  Imagine how well she’d do if I trained her.

After I worked in the garden, I re-taped my tire and then when Wally got home, we got it remounted on the frame.  The springs holding the tire in place had rusted out and needed to be replaced.  I also started working on sand bags to hold my tunnel in place.

Maybe I can get my act in gear here …

The funny thing is, I’m doing this training, yet I am not aspiring to trial … weird.