Thoughts on working.

As I write this, it is 9:30 AM and I’ve got the goats milked and put up, the ElectroNet reset and the sheep put up.  The dogs have been fed and I had to go back down to the ElectroNet to get the Pygmy goat who is temporarily residing with us.  I had forgotten that she went down with the sheep this morning and given that it’s going to rain off and on all day today, she needs to be up where there’s sufficient shelter for her.

Yesterday I worked from 6:30 to 3 and initially I started to hate how my life was going now.  Then I thought about it.  I had a very well paying job and a regular schedule; but was I better off then than I am now?  I honestly don’t think so.  When I was working the high paying job, I very much lived paycheck to paycheck and used my credit cards quite a bit.  Now, I have some money in my savings account and a good amount of money in my checking account.  Granted, I have some bills to pay, but I think taking a huge pay-cut and having to live more frugally has done a lot of good.

Also, think about all the cool things I’m doing now that I would likely not be doing if I was still working full-time with an hour commute each way.

I have to work tonight from 7 to 11 which is going to be rough.  I am not a night person, but I have to take the hours that WalMart gives me and be happy with them.  I’m lucky to have that job.  Hard to believe I’m feeling lucky for having a job at WalMart, but things have changed dramatically.

At some point today I need to go and pick up the lamb that we had processed.  I have a huge bowl of over ripe bananas sitting in the kitchen and I really need to get them made into banana bread.  I also need to walk back down to the ElectroNet to get my ATV because I ran out of gas (stupid!) when I went back down to get the Pygmy goat.  I’ve decided cleaning the house is not a good idea given we have two more days of steady rain to get through.  Steady rain and warm temperatures makes the grass grow.  I’m having to reset the ElectroNet every two or three days now.  I hope that stops soon.

So, I guess I’ll got and get me some breakfast, throw the load of clothes I washed this AM into the drier and then figure out what I should do next.

Until later …