Riding the freight train

On both Saturday and Sunday morning Wally used Gel to bring the sheep down to the ElectroNet.  He drove the ATV with the wagon attached in order to haul water down.  On Saturday, I milked and then went into the house to take a shower and get ready to go to work.  I watched from the bathroom window as Wally drove down to the field behind Gel and the sheep.  The sheep were moving quite rapidly and several times I heard Wally yell “time” to Gel, but he didn’t listen.  “Time” means slow your ass down dog!  He drove those sheep down there like a freight train.  Wally said that he went into the ElectroNet with the ATV, but the sheep missed the gate and went around the far side.  While he was filling the barrel, Wally flanked Gel around and he brought them into the ElectroNet.  As soon as they were in the ElectroNet, however, Gel turned tail and headed back home.

I guess he decided he did what Wally needed him to do and was heading back home to see what I needed next.

He’s very useful while I’m milking.  I have a set milking order: Rain, Luna and then Penny.  Dawn still hasn’t had her babies so I am not milking her yet.  She gets to go in last to eat whatever grain is left over.  While I am milking Rain, Luna, Penny and Dawn have a little bit of grain outside to eat.  It doesn’t take them long to consume that grain and as soon as I finish with Rain and push her out, Luna is there ready to go.  This is when Gel comes in handy.  Rain doesn’t like getting kicked out and immediately tries to get back in.  My “gate” is a 16 foot goat panel that they can easily push out of the way, even if I use a bungee cord to secure it.  Gel prevents this.  Once Luna is done and I bring in Penny, the outside grain is all gone and all three goats try to get back in.  I am glad I don’t have to keep them out on my own.