Border Wars

Recently, several Bloggers have written about the so-called “Border Wars”: AKC vs. ABCA. Blogs of interest include Borderwars and Terrierman’s Daily Dose. Donald McCraig (author of the Border Collie themed novels, Nop’s Trials, Nope’s Hope and Eminent Dogs, Dangerous Men) recently published

Quiet Weekend

I elected to keep this weekend low-key and for the most part, was able to do so. On Saturday I worked on my tire jump so that I could adjust the height of the tire. I also took down the chain link

Feeding a raw diet.

One of the puppies is going to a lawyer I work with, Charlie. Charlie came out to my home a few weekends ago with his wife, Ellen and two children, Jackson and Margaret. At first they were not keen on feeding a

Rushing to train.

I know I should be starting to do some training with Inferno and Heatwave, but lately, I am so tired, I want to go home and relax, not train! Lately I am happy just taking the dogs for walks after work. Here

And then there were two.

I’m down to two puppies, Inferno (who is staying with me) and Heatwave (who is going to a local home when he’s nine to ten weeks old). I shipped Scorch and Torch to Detroit, Michigan where they were picked up by a

Puppy Aptitude Tests

Even though I had to drive three hours one way to take the puppies to have their puppy aptitude tests conducted, it was well worth the time. It was fascinating to the puppies’ reactions to a new person in a very scary

Back in the saddle.

I spent a good part of August and the beginning of September worrying about whether the lady from Canada was going to (1) take a puppy and (2) transport the other one or two puppies (it was up in the air whether