There is a good chance for rain in the forecast for the next five days. That’s wonderful news (except is it going to curtail my painting project). The puppies are eleven weeks old today and I think they may have seen rain


We had another very busy weekend. Saturday morning was spent at Lowe’s buying materials for my A-frame, table and teeter and then constructing the A-frame and table. Left home at around noon, heading to Statesville to pick up 60 pounds of frozen

Quick Update

Work is now busy so I don’t have much free time to write. Went to class last night. Gel ran wonderfully! All of a sudden, his weave pole performance has gone from mediocre to phenomenal. Yes, he still sometimes misses entrances and

Spooky Walk

Monday morning I was out walking the dogs in the dark. I have a head lamp that I use to see enough to be able to walk in the dark. I keep track of the dogs by turning my head, shining the

Gel’s Agility Debut

Gel’s agility debut was nothing short of amazing! We had so much fun and Gel ran incredibly well, especially given that he was wired for sound both days. I don’t know who had more fun, Gel or me. I met a lot

First Agility Class

I learned a valuable lesson last night: just because a course looks easy when you first walk it, that isn’t necessarily the case. When I first saw the course last night I asked the instructor if it was an Excellent level course.

Border Wars

Recently, several Bloggers have written about the so-called “Border Wars”: AKC vs. ABCA. Blogs of interest include Borderwars and Terrierman’s Daily Dose. Donald McCraig (author of the Border Collie themed novels, Nop’s Trials, Nope’s Hope and Eminent Dogs, Dangerous Men) recently published

Quiet Weekend

I elected to keep this weekend low-key and for the most part, was able to do so. On Saturday I worked on my tire jump so that I could adjust the height of the tire. I also took down the chain link