Web Site Crashes

All of my web sites went down on Tuesday night. I received no mail sent to me @blakkatz.com. I expect some people thought I took my web sites down and went to hide under a rock. Nope, not this time. We’re still

Bringing up Puppies

While reading through the archives of the Clean Run mailing list at Yahoo Groups, I came across a message from a veterinarian who resides in North Carolina. She posted a link to her puppy log which I found quite interesting. Even more

Feeding Raw Meat is Dangerous!

Ha! I just figured out where I went wrong with Midge. According to Victorian British dog expert Francis Clater, fresh meat brought out the worst in unspayed females. When the animals were in heat their primal passions could be inflamed by a


Okay, no photos, sorry. I really do have puppies! The weather (hot and we are suffering from an extreme drought) is killing me. I tend to be quite sensitive to extremes in weather. On Saturday, Gel got to prove what a truly

Exercising a Pregnant Bitch

Before Midge had her puppies, I posted on a couple of lists asking about exercising a pregnant bitch. I was told by almost everyone on the list and anyone else I asked that they essentially put their bitches up about two weeks

Puppy Muzzles

Do you have any idea how incredibly soft a puppy’s muzzle is? Pictures this weekend, I promise! It is supposed to “cool off” to the low to mid 90’s.

Which dogs deserve to be bred?

There are many people, primarily those in the USBCHA herding community who believe that a Border Collie should not be bred unless it is running in the Open (highest) level of USBCHA herding trials. If the dog is not running at that

Gel is OFA Good!

I really, really needed good news today and I got it. Called OFA to check on Gel’s x-rays and they have been reviewed and he’s OFA Good. WHOO HOO!!!!!

Immaculate conception?

The puppies are a week old today. When I came home last night, I thought that they had doubled in size since I saw them in the morning. I haven’t weighed them, but I’ll bet they’ve doubled in size since their birth.