Gel is OFA Good!

I really, really needed good news today and I got it. Called OFA to check on Gel’s x-rays and they have been reviewed and he’s OFA Good. WHOO HOO!!!!!

Immaculate conception?

The puppies are a week old today. When I came home last night, I thought that they had doubled in size since I saw them in the morning. I haven’t weighed them, but I’ll bet they’ve doubled in size since their birth.

Lessons Learned, the Hard Way

We lost three of the puppies yesterday. I left both Midge (and the puppies) and Gel inside with the A/C on. Apparently we lost power for a few hours. My neighbor, who let the dogs out around lunch time, found four puppies

They’re Here!

A very brief, but important post — they’re here! She had eight puppies! I can’t believe she had eight puppies tucked away in that belly. She started delivering them at around 8 AM, had delivered the first five within 45 minutes; finished