Now what?

My newly designed photography page, is now pretty well done. I want to tweak some of the images and will continue to add new ones as I take them – there’s quite a few up there that I don’t like a whole

Oh the ties that bind us

While looking through Facebook this morning, I came across a relatively new Facebook page for the Henry River Mill Village. This village, located in Hildebrand, was the scene for the first Hunger Games movie. I went there the first time with a


I could go to the building where the cotton gin is every day of the week and find something new to photograph. The gin is a piece of history that will, one day, be gone forever so the more I can document

Fun but busy day yesterday

Wally and I traveled the length of length of Lincoln County and beyond yesterday. We met some relatives of his for breakfast in Shelby then we stopped at Boggs Farm Center so that I could get a bit more for my documentary

Sometimes I Amaze Myself

About had a nervous breakdown this morning between having to take my biology quiz and just as I finished I accidentally hit the exit button before saving my answers giving myself a grade of a whopping zero. Lovely. Wrote to the instructor

Not doing too well …

I’m not doing too well with keeping my head above water well enough to take the time to write here – very definitely my bad. The way I’ve found that I have to do the studying for quizzes and tests for biology

Good news

Just found out I was accepted to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Now I just need to get through this semester and then on to what will hopefully be more soul-satisfying courses. Until later …  

Documentary Pieces

Working on a long documentary piece that includes a lot of text and a lot of pictures is difficult. I didn’t really how much so until I started writing the story. I realized today that I still have a lot of holes.