Exciting revelations

My view from the milk stool was full of exciting revelations – first, the cooler mornings result in fewer flies. That’s a wonderful thing. The other, which is perhaps more important, if you scratch a goat’s back, she lets her milk down

Meat shortages

My view from the milk stand has been scattered lately due to having to concentrate on keeping flies out of the milk bucket and my mouth. Note to self: do not turn the fans on while you’re standing in front of them.


My view from the milk stand is on bounty. Goats milked about four gallons this morning. Picked up 10 eggs. Momma duck is taking good care of her 9 ducklings. NOTE TO SELF: do not think you’re being nice and letting livestock


As I write this, I’m in tears. I’m not quite sure why. It could be a combination of being tired and feeling isolated. For the past three years now, I’ve essentially lived the holidays through others by doing stories for the newspaper.

Road Trip

As I write this I’m in a car headed to Chattanooga, Tennessee to pick up a dog. Yes, another dog. This is a fully-trained dog which is a tool we desperately need. Let’s hope this one works out. It came out pretty

Self Confidence

I admire those people who have self-confidence or are able to simply not give a damn about what other people think. I don’t know why it is that I suffer so from worrying about what other people think. I work my tail

Hurricanes and such

We’ve been in the path of one hurricane that’s already gone through, Florence and now in the path of a second, Michael. Florence did very little here, we prepared like heck for it but we only got rain and a bit of