On Silence

My view from the milk stool is on how I haven’t said much in the past few weeks. There’s been a lot of reasons for that. The biggest reason I think is because I’ve simply felt overwhelmed – by the circumstances of

On preventing disease

My view from the milk stand is on the great sense of wellbeing I get when I finish milking and look over the wall at the goats all calm, milked out, eating their hay in a clean barn (which is thanks to

Farm Photos for the Day

Farm photos for the day (2/365), again with the Lensbaby Velvet 56. While I know the focus is soft – I still like the painterly quality of the photos. One day – maybe if I use it enough, I’ll master it. Meanwhile,

Stop fighting with the stupid lens

The magic that is Spellcast Farm. I think I finally found what this dastardly Lensbaby (Velvet 56) lens was looking for – not stupid flowers but goats!! I’m attempting to start another 365 day photo challenge – this time sharing what’s to

On Rearing Goats

My view from the milk stool is on rearing my goats. I’ve had goats since 2008. I bought my first goat the day I was laid off from my high paying job as a commercial real estate paralegal. I almost didn’t buy

Masks and Hate

My view from the milk stool is about the current situation with the Delta variant and the new CDC mask recommendations. Last year, things got a bit ugly with the shut down and mandatory masking. It troubled me greatly. While it’s been

What Katie Did Today

The view from the milk stool this morning is about water lilies. I feel like one. I’m in the mud and I want to bloom, but it’s hard sometimes. Like the lilies, when I do bloom, I’m really pretty (not talking appearances


My view from the milk stool this morning is about climate change. It terrifies me. We’re very, very dry here. Between drought and bugs – Mexican Bean Beetles and June Bugs, the garden is all but toast. I keep saying I’m going