Aussie Kick

I recently found myself on an Australian Shepherd (Aussie) kick. Not sure where that came from, maybe it’s because I got a copy of the most recent issue of the Aussie Times in the mail last week. I had to become a

Pet Food Companies

Pet food companies: they never fail to amaze me. While reading a mailing list this morning, I read about a brand of dog food that I haven’t heard of yet: “Taste of the Wild.” I did a web search and found their

Fern & da ducks

I’ve created a monster. Now whenever I go into the duck pen and Fern goes with me, she wants to work the ducks. I worked her a bit this afternoon and darned if she isn’t doing well. She switches direction easily, keeps


We got about 4″ of snow last night! I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen so much snow! It’s so pretty! At first Fern was leery about going outside so I went out with them. We had a ball! Both dogs

AM Training

I set up a double box and worked with Gel on that for about ten minutes. I had Fern tied out like she was yesterday morning. She whined a bit, but didn’t carry on like she did yesterday. After I worked Gel,

Storm Warning!

We are under a winter storm warning. I love storms, it’s so exciting and I love watching the news programs during a storm. I’ve made a few preparations and will make a few more before the end of the day. The last

Homeopathy Update.

I now have an update on Gel’s homeopathic treatment. I mentioned earlier this month that Gel pulled up a bit lame on his right front leg. Without thinking I gave him a remedy (Rhus tox) based on the symptoms. It worked, but

Course Builder I’m not.

I didn’t get the course built last night as I planned. Instead, I picked up some crap (not literally) around the yard that needed to be picked up and attempted to devise a method for the sheep to eat the expensive hay

Goal for the evening

I plan to set the course tonight and see how Gel and I can handle it. This course will be a challenge and will help me improve on my handling skills. Even though I know he’s not going to agree, Gel and

Taking it easy

I got up this morning at my usual time and got ready to go out for a walk with the dogs. When I got out to the building where I keep my grain, I realized I forgot my headlamp. At that time