Assessing storm damage

I went down to the back pastures to check for flooding and goodness, it is under water!  It looks like Lake Erie down there!  I haven’t seen it so flooded in many years. Then I went over to where I have my

Poor Simon!!!

I was awoken last night by a cat yowling.  At first I waited to see if it would stop thinking it was a cat fight (which would be over as quickly as it started), but it didn’t.  I got up to investigate

Raw milk

Raw milk, one of the things I’m blessed to have access to.  I’m drinking a big glass of it as I write this.  Like Joel Salatin says in this article, how is it that foods like Twinkies, Lucky Charms, and Coca-Cola are

Counting my blessings

As I was lying awake this morning listening to the heavy rain, I thought to myself, I’ll be doing a lot of laundry over the next couple of days.  Then I thought: it’s a good thing I have a working washer and


It’s going to be a rough couple of days.  Heavy rain and cool temperatures are in the forecast for this afternoon through Thursday morning.  Lovely.  I just got in from running the dogs off the ATV.  It’s raining now, but not too

Okay …

First time out on sheep today was a disaster … sometimes I wonder … I loaned out my Derek Scrimgeour DVDs and am having a horrible time getting them back.  I ordered his newest set and hope they will arrive quickly and