Yummmmmmy food

Wally and I have had a lot of yummy meals lately.  They just keep popping out of me.  On my way home from MM I stopped at a local grocery store with the intention of getting potatoes and rutabaga to cook with

Wally is a great man!!!

I forgot to write about this last night:  I was glad I had my sunglasses on as I pulled into the driveway, because I was momentarily blinded by a shiny black truck.  Wally had given Yoda a bath!!!!  He also did a

So what did you do today?

Me, I milked nine goats and one cow, put up the milk, washed all the buckets and totes, processed four rabbits, helped Wally get the cover on the ShelterLogic Hay House then rode my free horse (Ace) at South Mountain.  For a

Ace is home

Wally and I had a bet and I wish I bet money on it because I would have won.  When the woman left with Ace, she bandaged his legs up; we both so thought he was going to a great home.  I

A dent in the weekend plans.

I guess Ace is coming back.  I don’t really know the specifics yet, but it looks like we’ll be meeting her Saturday morning in Statesville (40 minutes away) to pick him up.  That will save her some time and mileage.  Like I

I’s a milking machine!!!!

Decided yesterday while I was milking that I prematurely cut the goats down to once a day so yesterday evening, I did the whole crew: nine goats and one cow.  It’s a wonder I still have hands left … my hands have

Just a few minutes …

I skimmed a half gallon of cream off two gallons of milk this morning and now it’s sitting on the counter top to sour so we can make more butter.  I also have a large batch of cheese to package up and


Saturday afternoon a woman from Raleigh came out to look at Ace.  I saw an advertisement she put on Craigslist for a young Arabian endurance horse that she bought in May, but he was too much horse for her; that he could