Training Update

On Saturday, we sent to Salisbury for agility classes for the last time for about a month now. There’s going to be a lot going on over the next month. Next weekend is a long weekend and on Monday we are driving

Circle of Influence

I tend to be very reactive. I am driven by my feelings and opinions. I would like to be more proactive. In Stephen Covey’ s The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People he speaks of working within a “Circle of Influence;” an

What’s the purpose?

I watched a video today where a well-known handler was working a dog in a round pen with an aggressive ram. The dog walked up on the ram and it alternated between backing up and charging the dog. When the ram charged,

Puppy Growth Patterns

I was just reading my friend Helene’s Blog wherein she writes about puppy growth patterns. Helene has Finn who is a sibling to Fern. Like Helene, I have been very happy with how Fern is growing. She’s remained extremely balanced and coordinated


I worked Gel a bit on sheep this morning. He took commands, even drive flanks, almost entirely on whistles. As I thought he would, he seems much more relaxed taking whistle commands. As well as he’s working has made me start to

Neuter and semen extraction?

I’ve not heard of this procedure until now. A question was posted on the Agiledogs mailing list today asking for experience on the time of a neuter of a competition dog. The poster indicated that her dog passed all health checks and

Working Fiend

Gel has turned into a working fiend. He’s up and read to go at a moment’s notice. He handles his work with calm, quiet authority. When it’s time to play, he’s ready and rearing to go. Whatever I want to do, he’s

Cool Photo!

I was poking around on the Internet this morning search for ASCA herding trial videos and found this photo. It is an Aussie (with a tail). How cool with the blue eyes! I love black dogs.

Training success!

I hurried up getting ready for work so that I could get out and work Gel on sheep and put Fern back on ducks. My first “goal” with the sheep was to make Gel understand that whenever I sent him for sheep