Gel driving cattle

Here’s a video taken on Sunday of Gel driving cattle.  Joe’s dog Stinky can be seen in the video on occasion.  You know Border Collies, they’ve got to be in on the action no matter what. [youtube=]  

A weekend of cattle work

On Sunday I drove to Asheville for another lesson on cattle.  I take these lessons with Joe Parham.  Joe does not trial a lot, but when he does, he does quite well.  He has two very nice bitches, Peach and Stinky.  I

Working cattle

I enjoy working Gel on stock, it doesn’t matter too much if the stock is chickens or cattle.  That he can work cattle doesn’t make him any better a stock dog than a dog who will only work sheep.  If I had


I took the day off from work today to drive to Virginia to take a lesson on the same cattle that will be at the next ASCA trial.  I’m glad I did.  It was an almost four hour drive up there, but

ASCA Trial in Virginia

I received an e-mail today telling me that I got into the trial.  That’s good news.  Tomorrow morning I drive almost four hours to Virginia to work the cattle that will be used in the trial.  Hopefully it will go okay.  If


I took some pictures last night.  I was trying out a point and shoot camera to see if I’d like it.  I don’t think I do.  I’m spoiled with my Nikon digital.  I guess I’m going to have to lug it around

Bill Berhow

I received my copy of Top Trainers Talk About Starting a Sheepdog yesterday.  The book contains interviews with numerous top Border Collie handlers and trainers.  Bill Berhow’s interview was first.  What he had to say really resonated with me. When asked how many

Zero percent bullshit factor

I got a bit upset yesterday about being left out of the North Carolina Border Collie cliche.  This is nothing new, but with the advent of Blogs and now everyone has their own with links to others, mine not included, I got


Gel pulled the three calves off the fence and brought them to my feet (well, as close to my feet as cattle will come) this morning.  That was a very good thing.  I still don’t know if I got into the ASCA

Cattle taming

I don’t like the term “dog breaking” because I really don’t want to break anything.  The heifers are too cute to be rough on, I feel bad that they are missing their mothers and I know the gentler that Gel and I are