The new barn is taking shape

On Saturday we hauled all everything out of my former milk room. The timing could not have been better because the last wind storm ripped the top of the cover over the milk room and now there’s a skylight – not a

Chomping at the bit

Left work a little early yesterday, came home and made up another batch of soil mixture to make more soil blocks. I made three more flats and then seeded them with Swiss chard, dill and cilantro. I’ll be interplanting dill and cilantro

I look like Rudolph

Rudolph the red-nosed-reindeer that is. I have a cold, again – at least I think it’s a cold, it may be allergies. I don’t know but this crazy weather isn’t helping. The temperature differences from day to day are crazy. I feel better

I love the rain!

As I write this, I can hear the rain coming down. It sounds wonderful! I just got in from feeding the animals – quickly – before it started raining hard. I hope the goats finished their feed before it started raining hard.


The wind is blowing what seems like 100 mph here – of course it isn’t – which is a good thing.  May we never see 100 mph wind here. I went out early and closed up the greenhouse because I could hear