Dog breaking cattle

You’d think I would have learned my lesson by now.  When starting a young dog on sheep, you need good, dog-broke sheep.  I paid a lot of money for four, well-broke, but not sour, Dorper ewes.  They were worth every penny I

Stupid People

Some people simply can’t see the forest for the trees.  Posting to a list with a group of individuals hard-wired to preserve the working instinct of the Border Collie (which is not a bad thing) and a second group of individuals who

Last summer

After we got the calves off-loaded, Wally came over.  I tried to get Wally to help us load the calves, but he said he wasn’t messing with no cattle.  Putz!  We really didn’t need Wally’s help, I just thought he’d enjoy playing in

On a cattle drive

I dreamt last night I was on a cattle drive.  That could have been because in addition to frogs and night birds, I listed to cows mooing all night.  The poor things, they are missing their mothers.  I hate the weaning process,

Car Sickness

A few months ago, while driving to Sanford for a lesson, I noticed Fern was car sick; she also didn’t jump into her crate to go, which she normally does, I had to pick her up and put her in the crate. 

Moo-cows are coming!

Last evening was absolutely spectacular.  Everything fell into place in a marvelous way. The trainer that I went to in Asheville back in March to work cattle called to check on me.  I told him a few weeks ago that I was hoping

Fern and corrections and stuff

I’ve said numerous times that Fern learns via osmosis and I really believe that is true.  The only times I’ve really had to get after her was for barking (screaming actually) while tied out and a few days ago for biting the


I dragged out some of my agility equipment last night and worked both dogs in agility.  I considered bringing out my video camera and videotaping my training, but it was quickly getting overcast and I wanted to get some training in before


I came across a transcript of this Interview today.  I believe it was done back in 1996.  It’s amazing how much some vets knew about the dangers of vaccination back then and how little they know (or admit they know) today.  Most