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Fun with Vaccines by Walter Ulrich

Vaccinations have taken the place of charms and amulets. Most people have been brainwashed into equating vaccinations = health, whereas in actual fact it's the reverse, vaccinations = disease. I was an army brat and lived in Berlin, Germany right after WWII. I was vaccinated multiple times against every known disease....and guess what? I got everything, literally everything I was vaccinated against. So, at an early age I grew suspicious of  this omnipresent "benefit" to mankind. So, when people babble-on about accepting allopathy and having a "live-and-let-live" attitude, I say: Why? Millions of children are shot up with toxins each year, millions of lives are ruined on the altar of "modern medicine"...well, to heck with that.

Instead of focusing on promoting healthy individuals who are naturally resistant to infectious disease, allopathy (in the case of vaccinations) focuses on introducing more disease (products) into the organism. One would logically expect that the general population would be increasingly healthy if allopathy's claims as regards vaccinations were true, but the fact is people in general are increasingly susceptible to chronic ill-health- asthma, allergies, skin diseases, AIDS, cancer, learning disorders, insanity, addictions, what ought to be trivial, acute infections becoming  life-threatening illnesses, etc., and allopathy's answer is "more vaccines!", "newer antibiotics!", all the while denigrating therapeutic approaches which differ in approach and success rate from the allopathic "norm".

Anyone who has directly witnessed homeopathy successfully deal with say a child with scarlet fever (fever down three degrees in fifteen minutes, sweating and general relief in thirty minutes), or strep throat (fetid breath, severe pain upon swallowing, gone in two hours), knows full well that it isn't suggestibility or hokum. I would strongly urge anyone who has awakened to the fact that allopathy may be great when you're in a car wreck, but not so efficient when dealing long term chronic disease, to investigate the homeopathic approach to treatment and cure.

Walter Ulrich, Portland, Oregon

"If I may venture to make a prediction, it is that 50 or 100 years from now people will look back at the practice of introducing disease into people and animals for the purpose of preventing these same diseases as foolishness - a foolishness similar to that of the practice of blood-letting or the use of toxic doses of mercury in the treatment of disease."

-Richard Pitcairn, D.V.M., Ph.D.

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