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Homeopathy and Vaccination by Chris Kurz, Ph.D

On the drive to work I started to think about homeopathy and vaccination. For somebody not familiar with homeopathy it is tempting to put those two in the same mental drawer and "explain" one with the other. Here is my personal metaphor that I use to point out the important difference between the two to somebody who doesn't know much about homeopathy:

Picture your body as a mansion containing many valuable things which need to be protected from burglars. The owner of the mansion (i.e. you) has hired security guards to do the job.

Now, one way to ensure that nothing gets stolen is to stage fake break-ins in order to put the guards always on maximum alert. Of course, one has to repeat those false alarms from time to time because the level of alertness of the guards invariably decreases after some time. This method puts a lot of strain on the security guards and will tire them out quickly.

The other way is to fortify the house by insuring it has strong walls, secure windows, a good fence, tight roof, and so on. These measures will be of much longer lasting effect and will not cause ulcers to the security guards.

Standard allopathic vaccination might be likened to the frequently repeated false alarms. After a while you'll have a neurotic and broken down bundle of nerves instead of a healthy security force. Maybe they'll react to the chirp of a bird and kill everything in sight (=allergies). Maybe they get so pissed off at you that they start vandalizing the house themselves (=auto-immune diseases, MS, Lupus, etc.)

The second option will be much better in the long run. Not only will your house last much longer (a security guard, no matter how alert, can't help with the general upkeep and maintenance of a house), it will also be much safer and resistant not only to break-ins but also to storms, floods, high winds, etc. That's what homeopathy does.

Take your pick -:) -- Chris.

by Chris Kurz, PhD in Physics and has been practicing homeopathy for 6 years

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